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游戏 아케이드 가족
开发 Outer Level

Bugs are invading your home. Buzzing, flapping, and biting; they plague every corner of your world irritating you at every turn.

Its a good thing youre a bullfrog; a very hungry bullfrog.

Race against time to defend your swamp against invading bugs and return peace and quiet to your home.

Hop your way through 75 increasingly challenging levels to earn your spot atop the online global rankings.

Game Play Features:
* Addictive classic arcade action on your iPhone
* 75 challenging levels
* 13 beautiful maps with water, lily pads, plants, and other obstacles
* Eat six bugs, each with its own unique behavior
* Race against the clock
* Gain bonus points when gobbling up multiple bugs at once
* Bug radar helps you track down your prey
* Track high scores with global rankings
* Save and Restore game play at any time
* Pause with two finger touch
* Family and child safe gaming